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Autosave Service 2021

Us n00bs need some help sometimes, and this game can definitely be frustrating when you make a small mistake. This is a Windows Service that will copy your save files to an autosave directory. That way if you lose you can recover an old save and continue playing.

They Are Billions - Buildings Wiki Guide 2021

Buildings are essential in TaB. In fact, they are the primary defense in every colony and you will find yourself establishing a lot of structures throughout the game.

How To Increase FPS In 2021 [Free Tutorial]

There are a variety of reasons why your PC may not be completely suited for gaming, including outdated drivers or spyware.

Audio Mods - Starcraft Voices 2021

As of right now, modding the audio of they are billions especially for the units is a pain in the butt, there is only one folder with 246 files, no sub folders for each units so its going to take some time to do the entire thing.

The Ultimate They Are Billions Guide 2021

This approach should be geared more at novice players who are interested in learning more about the game. The No Foundry approach should be used to more experienced players more often.

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