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How to get $5 to submit your review

  • Write a unique guide for They Are Billions game;
  • Has to have at least 5000 words and include images;
  • Should NOT have been posted online;
  • Should NOT be very similar to another guide online;

If your review is original we will send you $5 on your paypal account. Read the FAQ for all questions.


Q: How long till I get paid?

A: 2 weeks for the first entry. We need this in order to make sure you don’t post to another website first.

Q: Can I post my review/guide on another website?

A: No, if your review/guide is on another website, you won’t receive the $5. If has been posted after you submit your review here, you can request it to remove it, and 1 week after is removed we will send you the $5.

Q: Can I submit multiple guides?

A: Yes! But make sure it is a unique guide which isn’t posted in the site yet.

Q: Is this a scam?

A: Definitely not! Your review is valuable to us, will make our website better. Therefore more players will find the website more useful. You will also get to be known.

Q: Where can I submit my entry?

A: Send it via email to [email protected]