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Advanced Farm


Advanced Farmis a building that can provide a high amount of food for the colony.

The Advanced Farm has the highest potential food-income in the game. The building takes up a 2×2 area. For every grassblock in a 2-block area around it, the advanced farm will place a plot of wheat, restricting any other use of that block. Each plot of wheat provides 4 food for the colony. The plots are not shared with other farms.

  • The Advanced Farm can be built or upgraded from an existing Farm.
  • The Advanced Farm requires research from the Foundry.


  • HP: 500
  • Defenses Life: 125
  • Watch Range: 7


  • Energy: 30
  • Gold: 1200
  • Wood: 30
  • Stone: 20
  • Iron: 20
  • Oit: 10
  • Maintenance: 40 Golds


  • Colonists: 24
Advanced Farm
Advanced Farm
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