They Are Billions Guide

This guide summarizes strategy and techniques to survive in They Are Billions. This is a zombie survival game and making colonies while expanding your territory.

You will struggle a lot at start. However, you will get the ‘feel’ and able to survive bit by bit. There are many cases that everything you worked for is wasted even with extreme caution. Let’s work hard and strengthen the colony so that it can survive for the in the next number of days!

Basic Game Mechanics

The Map

Initially, “The Dark Moorland” is the only map that can be selected. In order to release the next map, it is necessary to clear the map with a difficulty level equal to or higher than a certain numerical value in the score.
(Current stage, if you clear it by 20% or more, stage 2 is unlocked)

Game Duration

You can set the duration of the game depending on your preference. When this number of days pass, a lot of zombies will attack as the last raid, so the game is completed if you survive it.

Since we only set the period of the game to the last, the amount of zombies does not change.  Simply because there are longer periods of time it will be easier as time spent on defense increases.

Infected Population

It affects the amount of zombies initially placed on the map and the scale of attacks of zombies regularly attacking.

Score Factor

The game difficulty level is displayed as a percentage from the game period and the size of the infected person.
The higher the number, the more difficult it means.

Clearing the benefit map by the difficulty level with a certain degree of difficulty will unlock the new map.
For more information map Please check.

Things you need to do at the start

When you start the game, a map is generated and four Ranger and one Soldier start with a group.

Use Pause Function (Pause)

This game has a pause function to stop time progress in the game.
When you get lost or want to think, press the space key to pause (stop the progress of time).
Press the Space key again to cancel the pose.

Place the building so that it will not be beaten by the zombies

In other games you use the building as a wall, but it doesn’t work in this game.

Colonists who live in the building are infected and become zombies when the structures are attacked by zombies.

A zombie attacks a tent, and if you notice, there a lot of them! Make sure to pay attention to the arrangement of buildings because there are also situations.

Explore the map

Use the ranger to explore the surrounding at start. Depending on the location, there are situations that you need to restart the game, such as:

  • There is a ruin with green spirits in the vicinity (zombies will spring infinitely)
  • There is no forest nearby, even if it is small (in order to build two sawmills, we want the size of about two buildings in the base)
  • There are no stones nearby (you cannot build barracks)

How to control units as group

Register four ranger in group 1 by dragging 4 people and pressing Ctrl key + 1.

After that you can select them by pressing 1 and it will be easier to control them to go to the next location you want to explore.

Useful tip: The weakest zombie have 35 HP, Ranger’s attack power is 10.  In other words, a group attack of four ranger can easily knock a regular zombie.

Make electric defense

In the state just after the start of the game, the place where the building can be built is restricted to a very narrow area around the base.

  • Building Tesla Tower (Tesla Tower, transmission tower) will allow you to build buildings in areas around the tower.
  • For the development of colonies, it is necessary to connect the Tesla tower more and more.
  • If you get stuck here, the development of colonies will become stuffy so let’s continue to expand more and more.

Increase Colonists (population) and Workers

Wood and stone are also necessary to build a building, but workers are necessary for anything. They also use it to produce soldiers, and they are necessary to keep the building up and running.

Set up a tent to increase it.

Tent (tent)
status cost Supply
HP: 40
Defenses Life: 15
Watch Range: 6
Food: 4
Energy: 1
Gold: 30
Colonists: 4
Workers: 2
Gold: 8

Colonists and Workers

Tents and other home-style buildings have the effect of increasing Colonists and Workers.

Colonists are so-called population, number of families, Workers are workers. Each has its own meaning.

However, when you are just getting started you should worry about Workers’ value only.

Although there is a balance with Food, basically this game is a game which extends just its own team.

The number of people is like the limits of colony expansion.

In order to make the colony bigger, we have to increase the number of people anyway. While thinking about resources, let’s expand on and on.

Useful tip: Residential facilities such as tents also have the function of not only increasing Colonists and Workers but also producing Gold. People and incomes also increase. It is a precious part supporting the colony.

Securing the woods

By installing sawmill near trees it is possible to permanently obtain wood.

Sawmill (sawmill)
status cost Supply Maintenance costs
HP: 200
Defenses Life: 50
Watch Range: 6
Energy: 4
Gold: 300
Workers: 4
Tile supply forest tile around Gold: 4

* Can be installed only in places adjacent to forest tiles.

Note the maintenance cost As a caveat
here, in this game there is a concept of maintenance cost for all buildings.
That means that it costs more to maintain those facilities even after installation.
In most cases you will need Energy (electricity), Gold (money), etc.

Immediately after the start we do not have enough money to build it, but Commander Center (the center of the city) permanently produces money so it will build over time.

Wood  from the beginning is necessary in many occasions. Let’s create one sawmill at the earliest possible stage.
If there is no forest near the starting point, you may restart it.

Useful tip: Forests and forests do not disappear no matter how much they are cut down. I can not open it and make it a way, but the unit can not pass. 

In other words, forests can also be used as “natural barrier”. When making a colony, it is good to calculate and make it.

Securing the stone

By installing Quarry close to the stone it is possible to permanently obtain Stone (stone).

Quarry (quarry)
status cost Supply Maintenance costs
HP: 200
Defenses Life: 50
Watch Range: 6
Energy: 4
Gold: 300
Wood: 30
Workers: 4
Tile supplies iron, gold and tile stones around Gold: 6

The early stage requires 20 Stone for barracks.

On the contrary, the early stage is not used much elsewhere, so if you can pick up the fact that the stone is falling well, you will not have to build a quarry for a while.

From the middle stage of the game, it is a resource that will take care of the game until clearing the game so that the walls using stone will be placed in various places and hardened to protect defense.

Useful tip: It is a Stone (stone material) that does not come often after the start of the game, but after researching the Stone Wall (stone wall) it is necessary for a large amount as a barrier to protect the colony. Let’s set up a colony plan with an eye on the second half such as preparing a quarry.

Securing Food

Food in this game is not a factor that humans eat and consume, but it is a resource that uses unit production and buildings during construction as well as other resources.
If you study farm at Wood Workshop wooden workshop, it will be one option, but you can not get out of the early stage. 
In the beginning, you will have to secure food using the following two facilities.
Hunters Cottage (hunting cottage)
status cost Supply Maintenance costs
HP: 160
Defenses Life: 40
Watch Range: 6
Energy: 1
Gold: 80
Colonists: 2
Food: 1 ~ 20 ※
Gold: 2

※ The amount of Food harvest varies depending on the tile type within the range.

Fisherman Cottage (fishing cabin)
status cost Supply Maintenance costs
HP: 160
Defenses Life: 40
Watch Range: 6
Energy: 1
Gold: 80
Colonists: 2
Food: 1 ~ 20 ※
Gold: 2

* The amount of Food harvest will fluctuate depending on the water tile within the range.

Which one you use depends on the location requirement. You can combine both, so let’s set up according to the colony.
Facilities have interfering areas and can not be arranged side by side so far as to interfere with each other’s range of influence.
To some extent, you can set it apart from each other. Attention is required when trying to place multiple in a narrow range.

Securing Energy

From Commander Center (Headquarters), Energy (Electricity) 30 is supplied.
However, as you build facilities, electricity runs out shortly.Therefore, it is necessary to secure additional power by building Mill (windmill cabin).
A large amount of electric power is required for the latter facilities, so in order to advance the game, it is necessary to build a generator steadily and steadily.
To that end, it is necessary to increase the land, and as each element is filled, colony expansion becomes inevitable.

Mill (Windmill Hut)
status cost Supply Maintenance costs
HP: 200
Defenses Life: 50
Watch Range: 6
Gold: 300
Wood: 20
Workers: 4
Energy: 30 Gold: 6

※ Mill can not be installed close to each other. (Because there is interference range. 4 Mass)
You can install it anywhere within the power transmission range.

Expansion of colonies

Let’s think about increasing the colony anyway.
If the land that can be used becomes wider, you can increase more people,
it becomes easier to arrange soldiers, and resources can be secured on a large scale.

Basic Colony Expansion Cycle
1. Build Resource Facilities for Resource Acquisition
2. Build Resident Facilities to Earn Workers and Gold to Build
Facilities 3. Power Required for Resource Facilities and Residential Facilities Become a power generation facility
4. When the space to build a facility is gone, expand the colony to acquire a new land

When you explore the surroundings by exploring, let’s expand and expand the colony towards a better location.
The reasons for expanding are various. It seems wide, it seems to get the resources you want, it seems to be easy to protect. Let’s expand according to your colony.
Eventually I will expand most of the map with colonies, so it’s okay to expand as I like without thinking about difficult things. is.

Zombies are caught in the building under construction and come closer, so when you are expanding newly let’s recall the Ranger (Ranger) and Soldier (Soldier) you used to explore and be wary of the surroundings.

Extension of land is very simple.

  • Build the Tesla Tower (Tesla Tower) and expand the transmission range
    • At this time, Tesla Tower (Tesla Tower) may be attacked by zombies so let’s keep it firmly in the unit.
  • Establish a new building etc. within the spread power transmission range
    • If the power transmission range is not enough, let’s build a new Tesla Tower (Tesla Tower).
  • Stick a barrier etc. around so as not to be attacked by a zombie
    • If there is not enough space on the tree, you can let the unit wait or patrol it.

I will repeat these tasks to expand colonies. As research progresses and acquires Great Ballista (Barista) etc., the
varistor is a facility that automatically attacks when the enemy enters within the range to be installed, so it can be expanded by protecting it with the varistor without protecting it by the unit So you can spread it more easily.

Useful tip: even if you do not completely enclose it in a wall, even if you build several as a pillar, zombies can be fished to some extent because they are fished. 
As for this technique, as well as the early stage, since there are many usages to disperse the enemy rush of the second half, there is no loss.

Create barrier

I also mentioned above, but you must avoid being beaten the building by a zombie. 
Because zombie attacks infect human beings in zombies and the damage spreads from there.
Even if you are careless with a single zombie, if it crept into a densely populated residential area, you have the possibility of an unexpected emergency.It is also good to let the soldiers protect the early stage, but there are many cases that the defense will become thinner as you expand the territory.
Therefore we need a barrier to protect the colony. Let’s be aware of ” defensive line ” by placing barriers in various places for barriers .

Wood Wall
status cost Supply
HP: 400 Wood: 3
Gold: 10
Wood barriers to prevent unit progress
Wood Gate (tree gate)
status cost Supply
HP: 600 Wood: 10
Gold: 50
Gates of trees that prevent progress of units Units of
ally can pass.

* At the time of installation, you can change the direction by pressing the TAB key.

It is necessary to prepare the expansion wall in the partitioning as a premise to break. For that reason it would be good to divide the inside of the colony into pieces by walls to reduce the damage.
Partitioning is a style of extending each area as a readable character by dividing each area by a wall. Even if one area falls down, there is an advantage that it can truncate only that section and move to another section and continue the defensive game.

        There is no partitioning without partitioning
■■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■■
■ ■ ■ ■ ■
■ ■ ■ ■ ■
■ ■ ■■■■■■■■■■■
■ ■ ■ ■ ■
■ ■ ■ ■ ■
■■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■■

Without partitioning, if the wall is broken somewhere, the inside area is already swallowed by all enemies.
In the case of partitioning, even if one area collapses, you can save time by evacuating to the other three areas.

Creating barracks

In order to protect colonies we need units to fight.
We can not protect with only the first unit, so make a Soldier Center and increase soldiers.

Soldiers Center (Soldiers Center)
status cost Supply Maintenance costs
HP: 800
Defenses Life: 400
Watch Range: 7
Energy: 6
Gold: 450
Wood: 20
Stone: 20
Workers: 8
Enable to produce soldiers
· Ranger
· Soldier
· Sniper (Need research)
Gold: 14

* For details on the units that can be produced, only Ranger and Soldier can produce in the early stage to the battle unit page,

but once the research is completed Sniper can also be produced.
For that reason, it is good to make Ranger early in the early stage to make the
best use of traveling speed, make search for enemy & escort at expansion , prepare as Sniper mass production and prepare as countermeasure against large zombies as soon as research ends .

Useful tip: Currently, Sniper is strong!
It is effective only to defend a number of defense, so if you are troubled by the unit you produce, keep sniper together.

Let’s do research

By establishing special facilities and research there, it will be possible to construct new facilities and produce units.

Let’s start with the creation of Wood WorkShop.
You can study Farm that can get a lot of food and what is called varistor that automatically attacks.

Wood Workshop (Wood Workshop)
status cost Supply Maintenance costs
HP: 800
Defenses Life: 200
Watch Range: 7
Energy: 10
Gold: 400
Wood: 40
Stone: 40
Workers: 8
Research is to be able to
detail the research to
Gold: 16

Things to be able to study

Please build WorkShop first.
Then, click on the facility to select it. Items that can be studied are displayed from the UI menu.
It will cost Gold to do research.
If you select a research subject, research will begin and after a certain period of time the research will be completed and you will be able to use it.

Basically all you want to do is research,
but those with high priority are listed below

  • Great Ballista (Barista)
    • Tower to automatically attack enemies within range when installed. Very useful for defense.
  • Farm (farm)
    • It is a requirement for grass tiles, but farms that can get a large amount of food are indispensable for the development of colonies. High priority
Useful tip: Great Ballista (Barista) is a powerful defense facility that passes from the beginning of the game to the end. We will definitely want to finish research.
In addition to protecting the walls, for example, if you expand the colony before building a varistor, then build a Tesla tower and then extend the colony safely.

Tips & Tricks

  • Some facilities can be paused. Dare to stop when resources are severe and turn it to other building with floating Worker and Energy. It is also possible to do.
  • Let’s use the market and banks. By establishing banks and markets and firming houses around it you can increase your income while keeping maintenance costs. If you can afford, if you make 2 residential streets with banks, income will increase greatly and room for unit production will be born.
  • Let’s think about installing Power Plant after thinking carefully. Space-saving power 160 is attractive, but in addition to 40 Gold for maintenance costs, resources other than tree 5 and money are also required. I think that it is five, but it is quite large that it is permanently reduced by five.
  • Pay attention to maintenance fee when building Advanced for revenue facility. Depending on things, maintenance costs jump 6 to 7 times. If the Worker has plenty of room and the land is free, it is cheaper to build a production center with no mark, so it will be effective.
  • When the enemy is hard to find, press the ALT key to display the HP bar. A red bar is the enemy’s one.