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Useful Grab Bag Tips


Grab Bag Time

This being just one big assortment of items, i tried in my short time to figure out how best to organize all of the info. These are things ive learned, with a majority of them ebing stuff i dont see or hear other players or youtubers talking about at all, and they really helped me dominate the game so far.

  • Use the starting troops to scout around and kind of mark your boundaries according to the positions of the hordes. Try to explore into the hordes if you feel like a choke point is just out of vision.
  • YOUD BE SURPRISED how well rangers perform within hordes, they are fast and can usually get in and out unscathed, if you macro them. This is EXTREMELY useful for grabbing resources lying on the ground within a lingering mob of zombies.
  • Intelligenece concerning your surrounding area is vital, because you can make a huge fortification mid game, negating the possible space or fertile land and resources on the other side of the wall, only to find out later that there is a choke only a few tiles out of vision to secure that whole area.
  • So you have 5 units, and 7 choke points? Use the patrol feature to have 1 unit patrol two chokes. SO you have several chokes all really close together? use multiple units to patrol the chokes, with the patrol paths overlapping in some areas for added security.
  • Doom Villages can be taken out easily by a sniper, just as long as the sniper is in a tower, or has enough support from turrets or extra units to destroy the buildings. Thanatos work well too but snipers can be made a lot earlier.
  • If you want to win the final day,you NEED the Thanatos Unit, i personally ONLY use this guy compared to Titans and lucifers. He is the ONLY unit with actual REAL splash damage, and if you can get 4 of them on a wall, they can stop a horde in their tracks, by them selves. Which makes them VITAL on the last day. i stock pile 30 of them (thats 3 oil platforms) and place atleast 3 at each wall, then move them around as the horde thickens among different walls.
  • Always try to stay on top of your resources, wasting time waiting to get enough stone as your gold or wood is full, is the worst thing to have happen, since those are resources are still being produced, and if your storage is full, youre just burning it up. Build resource buildings in advance as often as you can to avoid all of this.
  • Stack walls where ever possible.If you have gold and stone lying around, add in small, 1 thick walls with gates throughout your colony to serve as fall back points. These can entirely stop game wipes by not allowing the infected that multiply within your buildings from reaching any more. Think Attack On Titan.Always be as strategic as possible when placing resource buildings, EVEN though a sawmill says it can get 10 wood when placed at the center of a forest, you can place 2 instead, at either end, and rake in 8 wood each, making you 16 wood off the same forest instead.
  • The same thing mentioned above applies for ALLLL resource buildings. Especially quarrys.
  • Dont ever get the mayor that gives you 1 Lucifer. Always get the 3 soldiers or whatever the other guy offers instead.
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