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Starting Bonus Overhaul


The table below guides you on starting levels. These bonuses help you succeed on beating earlier levels on They Are Billions.

NOTE: All units and buildings given as bonuses have no energy, gold, food, or worker costs. They also have zero upkeep. If they are damaged by the horde though, they do have normal repair costs. Bulldozing them gives nothing back.
Arrow StormGet 3 Rangers Early. All rangers have 10% faster movement.
Bullet HellGet 2 Soldiers Early. All soldiers have 10% faster attack speed. (2.20 attacks per second instead of 2.00)
Two-ShotGet 1 Sniper Early. All snipers have 10% more vision and attack range.
HellfireGet 2 Lucifers Early. All lucifers deal 10% more damage. [REDACTED]
Yeager ProjectGet 1 Titan Early, but all Oil production is reduced by 20% for the rest of the match. [REDACTED]
Sniper TechGet Sniper Research early.
Population BoomGet Farm and Cottage Technologies early.
Robber BaronGet Oil Field Technology early. Oil Fields produce 10% more oil for the rest of the game.
TelescopeGet Lookout Tower technology early. Lookout Towers and Radar Towers have 20% more vision for the rest of the game.
Unholy DefensesGet Great Ballista technology early.
ReproductionGet 10 Tents early. They can be upgraded for free when the Cottage and Stone House technologies are learned.
StockpileGet 2 Warehouses early. No additional warehouses can be built for the rest of the match.
Stock MarketGet 1 Bank and Market early. No additional banks or markets can be built for the rest of the match.
The CarpenterGet 1 Wood Workshop early. Your first technology research inside the Workshop, excluding Stone Workshop, will be free.
Divine LegionGet 1 Soldier's Center early. Units produced from this building cost 25% less gold.
EnterpreneurGet 2 Sawmills and Quarries early. Additional Sawmills and Quarries cost 2x the gold to build initially, though their upkeep is the same.
Build the WallGet 100 Wooden Walls, and 50 Stone Walls early.
Tower of BabelGet 8 Wood Towers, and 2 Stone Towers early.
Manifest DestinyGet 10 Tesla Towers Early. They take 300% longer to build than normal towers.
Energy SuperpowerGet 2 Advanced Mills early. (160 Energy)
First WorldGet 2 Farms early. (Up to 128 Food)
Hail of BoltsGet 3 Great Ballista Towers early.
The GuillotineGet 1 Executor Tower early. Additional Executor Towers built later in the match have +25% increased upkeep costs.
Briar PatchStart with 50 wooden stake traps and 25 steel traps. All traps slow enemy movement by 25%
Federal ReserveIncrease all starting caps by +50 except for Gold, which gets +2000.
HawkeyeTowers with units stationed inside give doubled shooting and vision range compared to what they usually give. (Ie: +8 instead of +4)
White DeathSnipers have doubled vision and firing range, including tower bonuses. However, their movement speed is reduced by -75%.
StingAll your battle units deal 20% more damage to the enemy hordes.
I'm Mr. FixitStructures repair faster and/or cost less to repair after being damaged by the enemy. Additionally, the range at which they can't be repaired when enemies are close is halved.
Reinforced CarapaceStructures and walls have 50% more HP.
Power ArmorYour battle units have 100% more HP.
Energetic ArmyYour battle units heal twice as much HP per tick. Their movement speed is increased by 15% as well.
EconomicalYou gain back 100% of the resources used to build a structure when you bulldoze it.
ExpansionaryTesla Towers give 50% more energy range for expansion. (Ie: You can expand 50% further.)
Nom NomFisherman Huts and Hunter Cottages give +3 food no matter where they're placed. (In current vanilla, it's one or the other)
Gold RushTents, Cottages, and Stone Houses give 50% more gold per cycle, and have -25% the food cost for upkeep.
EgalitarianStart with +75 Food.
CommunistStart with +50 Workers.
SocialistStart with +100 Energy.
CapitalistGold production is tripled until Day 20. After this, production drops to 50% of normal and stays there until day 40, at which point it normalizes for the rest of the match.
Panicked ProductionIncrease production from all sources by 100% until Day 20.
Swift ProductionIncrease production from all sources by 75% until Day 30.
Boosted ProductionIncrease production from all sources by 50% until Day 40.
Nudged Production Increase production from all sources by 25% until Day 50.
ThriftyIncrease production from all sources by 10% until the game ends.
Wood JuggernautIncrease Wood production by 30% until the game ends.
Stone JuggernautIncrease Stone production by 30% until the game ends.
Iron JuggernautIncrease Iron production by 30% until the game ends.
Oil JuggernautIncrease Oil production by 30% until the game ends.
NOTE: All debuffs are randomly given alongside the bonuses above. Some of the bonuses have their own debuffs, like how getting a free Titan early cuts oil production by 20%. Debuffs stack with those.
Tiny ReservesStarting caps are reduced by -10, and gold caps by -1,000.
Thick MistAll units and buildings have -1 vision range.
Shaky HandsBattle Units not stationed in towers deal 10% less damage.
Weakened DefensesStructures and walls have -25% HP.
Sickly LegionYour battle units have -50% less HP.
Low EnergyYour battle units take a full day to start recovering HP after taking any damage, and move -15% slower than normal.
WastefulYou gain -25% less resources when bulldozing buildings. If combined with Economical bonus, you get 75% of a building's resources back.
RationingYou get -20% less food from all sources.
Labor ShortageYou get -20% less workers from all sources.
Weak GridYou get -20% less energy from all sources.
Reckless SpenderYou get -20% less gold from all sources.
Slowed ProductionIt takes +1 hour for all resources to be produced.
Tangled BarbsTraps deal 50% less damage to zombies.
Flame RetardantZombies take 50% less damage from Lucifer attacks.
Deadly HordeAll zombies deal +10% damage and have +20% HP.
Charge!Aggro'd zombies will continue following whatever unit aggro'd them until the zombies are dead, or the unit that aggro'd them dies.
Plagued VenomSpitters deal +50% damage to units, and -50% damage to structures. They will appear 50% more often.
JumperHarpies appear 100% more often and will boldly assault the base when they appear. Solid defenses are key.
Enraged ChasersChaser zombies deal 75% more damage to Battle Units, but -75% damage to structures. They are also 25% more common than usual.
Big Boy Comin' ThruBig Chubby zombies have tripled HP and deal triple damage. Their movement speed is reduced by -50%.
Tenative WoodDecrease Wood production by -15% until the game ends.
Tentative StoneDecrease Stone production by -15% until the game ends.
Tentative IronDecrease Iron production by -15% until the game ends.
Tentative OilDecrease Oil production by -15% until the game ends.
Bad BartererAll resources sold on the market sell for 75% less and cost 50% more.
Angry PensionersBanks, Markets, and Warehouses do not give bonuses to surrounding buildings.
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