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They Are Billions Guide
They Are Billions Guide
The Ultimate They Are Billions Guide 2021

The Ultimate They Are Billions Guide 2021

Last updated: Jul 06, 2021 06:07 | Jul 06, 2021 05:37
Gena Cooper

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What should I do to get access to the next map?EconomyStrategiesMilitaryT1 soldierDefense

What should I do to get access to the next map?

This approach should be geared more at novice players who are interested in learning more about the game. The No Foundry approach should be used to more experienced players more often.

Prior to the First Wave

  • Start the game by pausing it, and keep pausing it throughout, particularly while putting down buildings, so you can undo if you make a mistake.
  • Send your soldiers out in all four directions to investigate, moving at a leisurely speed so they don't wander into zombie lines.
  • Once you've finished investigating, put your soldiers on patrol and attempt to OVERLAP your patrols in case your rangers need further assistance.
  • Ensure that your home receives the greatest protection possible; when dwellings get contaminated, GG.
  • Put down a hunter cottage or fishing house from the start so you'll have enough food for the first iteration of gold revenue to spam tents.
  • Every 8 hours in game, Gold Iterations from the Command Center are available.
  • Choose a pleasant location for your home, keeping in mind that you'll need room in the center for a market and a bank afterwards. Make sure your housings are close together and not too far apart. Make an effort to avoid putting homes on green tiles! For additional food, farms may be constructed on those green tiles.
  • Extend your food sources to include water and wood/green tiles.
  • Start a sawmill to get money from wood.
  • Face one or two of your outer economic structures (Fisher, Hunter, or even Sawmill) toward the undead. Zombies attack everything that stands in their way of their objective and do not walk through barriers. As a result, that additional wall will serve as an alarm without requiring the loss of a structure.
  • Start walling chokes/perimeters or expand further if you're waiting for gold and have a lot of wood.
  • Once you've got the gold, go find a quarry.
  • Always use any leftover food to buy additional tents. Only construct mills if you want to maintain your energy revenue positive.
  • Upgrade a Wood Workshop as soon as possible. If you're undertaking an 80-day project, start with a ballista. A farm should be rushed if it takes more than 100 days.
  • Only study a market after you've reached a population of 200 colonists. If you're running out of room, look into a wood cottage.
  • Rush a troop center and pump out rangers after you get the stone. Rangers will be deployed as backup guards or to drive expansion forward. Soldiers and snipers aren't strictly necessary, but it's up to you (I skipped those guys and went straight to titans). Build 1 or 2 rangers at a time, and save the excess gold for more crap.
  • Do your research on ballista at least three days before the first wave arrives. DO NOT place down a ballista UNTIL the first wave hits, the extra resources should be used for upgrading your economy.
  • There are more Rangers
  • For the time being, your initial perimeter should just have one tier of walls. Double layer the direction of the first horde or you can just micro troops on the first horde (tiny horde doesn’t really need a ballista or walls if you’re good at managing troops)
  • I don't construct any wooden towers or spikes. Wood towers are just great for blocking 1 tile chokes otherwise that 120 gold is better used on another ranger or economy. The wood spikes are fine to build but I prefer more walls to block the zombies advancement. The traps aren't lasting long enough.
  • Your economy should look like 300-400 gold income by now.

Prior to Wave 2

  • Begin expanding right away; if you have a ballista tower up, you may use enticing to clear off zombies around the ballista. One ranger should lead swarms of zombies to the ballista.
  • Prior to double layering, extra wood revenue should be utilized to convert certain tents to wood homes.
  • Look for iron, stone, and potential food sources.
  • After exposing the fog of war, you may study the observation tower to plan expansions and remove the towers.
  • For now, you may construct up to three ballistas per wall section until the following wave, when you can design double ballistas.
  • By now, you should be able to start researching stone workshops; be sure to have a market at 200 colonists, as the additional food will come in useful!
  • If you have a ton of money, you may start researching a stone foundry.
  • At this point, your economy should be worth about 400 gold.

Waves 3 through 5

  • The Unexpected Runner. Hordes will begin to spawn, necessitating the deployment of a ballista in each area to fend against the hordes. Keep an eye on the map to see where they've struck the most barriers.
  • Construct a Stone Workshop at this spot and begin studying stone walls. Start upgrading key perimeter (inner layer first!!) once stone walls have been studied.
  • When you reach 400 colonists, you should investigate the bank.
  • Iron Foundry is a wave 4-5+ researchable item.
  • After your rangers have cleared the map of zombies, continue with tesla towers and expansion, with one ranger monitoring over those structures. As you go, claim whatever food, energy, iron, or stone you come across.
  • If stone buildings have been studied, start upgrading them with additional stone to earn more money.
  • Only construct power plants if you have a stone income of 20 or more.
  • When you have a total of 30 rangers, you may stop creating them and begin clearing corners. When you come across spitters and harpies, be sure to micro them.
  • If you have a lot of energy, you can build shock towers. I don't construct these men for the last wave since they perish to spitters so quickly.
  • After wave 2, stone is very essential. Don't let your stone reach its maximum capacity. Begin constructing stone walls or low-cost economic structures. Building a warehouse is also a viable option.

After the Iron Foundry is completed

  • On the next/current wave, research Executors and upgrade towers to Executors. For waves, you just need 1-2. Because these bad boys need a lot of maintenance, you may switch them off until the walls/waves are under assault.
  • Begin constructing warehouses in key locations (this might have been done sooner). To study titans, you'll need two of them. The storehouse boosts output by 20% and is particularly useful near farms on low-food terrain.
  • If you're short on space, look into farm improvements. In terms of home economics, T2 farms may pay for themselves.
  • The little quantity of energy generated by T2 Mills requires a lot more maintenance. If you're growing quickly, several t1 mills and power plants will suffice.
  • If at all possible, go for the Titans. You must complete the tasks in the following sequence... Build Mech Center -> Research Titans -> Research Mech Center (6000 gold).
  • Before/after the mech center is researched and constructed, research and build an oil platform. You'll just need one to two oil producers. They will recoup their expenses. Turn off the oil platforms if you don't want to construct any more titans or if you've reached your maximum quantity of oil.
  • Your income should be about 1000+ by now if you're developing titans. If you need more resources to construct giants, you can buy them (aside from oils).
  • Start clearing the map and doom villages after you have at least 6 titans.
  • I'm not a huge fan of blade traps, but if you have a lot of iron, you can certainly make them. (It's preferable to employ iron on a larger number of executors or titans).

20 days till the last wave

  • Congratulations for making it this far! So you've decided to start turtling. Buy Stone resources with additional money to begin the walling process on the perimeters.
  • HAVE A MINIMUM OF 2-3 PERIMETERS (Outer, Middle, Inner). If necessary, leapfrog turrets and walls.
  • At the last wave, you'll have to deal with a slew of spitters. Make sure there are lots of barriers between them and the turret, as well as some traps if you wish to.
  • Construct wood, stone, and brick walls. Close off the executors from behind nonetheless, since more time equals more middle/inner defenses.

The Last Wave

  • Get rid of all your oil.
  • Remove all farms (colonists will not go hungry).
  • Remove any structures that you don't need.
  • Remove homes that are at danger of being infested.
  • Can't remove crap because it's infected? Use your mobile units to destroy it.
  • Did you know that even if a building is contaminated, it may still generate revenue?
  • Increase the number of Executor towers and walls aimed against breached defenses.
  • Use your Titans' micros to eliminate spitters.
  • Don't be a jerk about it.



Hunting Cottage - receive food from both green and wood tiles (essentially, if you have both, you'll get a lot of food), and poor or no food from other tiles.

  • Build as many of them as you can near trees.
  • Save the green tiles that don't have any trees nearby for farms.

Food may be obtained from any water source at the Fishing Hut (even small ass cracks on the ground given that you are even able to put a fishing hut there at all). Send this nonsense to as many people as possible.

Farm – get food from green tiles within a two-tile range of the structure, up to 64 food, and no food from anything else.

  • If you're constructing on the first, second, or third map, you'll need at least 30+ food from the farm. Because beggers can't truly select on the fourth map, 20+ is acceptable.
  • If there is no room to expand, upgrading a farm is acceptable since the food needed to improve your housing district will pay for itself. The only issue will be the cost of electricity.

Sawmill – get wood from the building within a three-tile radius.

  • It's critical to acquire early game after erecting several tents in order to begin earning wood for walls, Tesla towers, Wood Workshop, and Quarry.
  • If the sawmill generates an income of 4 wood, it will pay for itself.

Quarry – extract iron or stone from the structure within a two-tile radius.

  • In the early game, you just need one and the quarry will stay away until the market opens.
  • The quarry will pay for itself if it generates 3 stone or 1.5 iron in revenue.
  • After acquiring a stone workshop and anything towards the late game, expanding into both iron and stone will be very essential.
  • Due to the high expense of maintenance, upgrading to T2 is not really worth it.

Obtain oil from a 22 oil source using an oil rig.

  • You'll only need one oil rig to spam Titans, but you may build up to two.
  • The oil produced by the rig will not be enough to cover the costs of maintenance. If you no longer need to construct giants, switch them off right now.

Mill — A basic energy generator with a capacity of +30 kilowatts.

  • The more room you have, the more of them you can put down without needing to upgrade to T2.
  • The cost of maintaining T2 exceeds the advantage of having more energy.

Power plant - Produces +120 energy by burning stone and wood.

  • Mills should be built first, then power plants; otherwise, have at least 20+ stone income.
  • Each repetition of burning 5 stones costs 200 gold. Every iteration = 1.66 stone walls that you can't construct for the last wave is one such statistic. So, after the power plant is in place, you'll be able to build 5 stone walls each day.

Warehouse - Increase Gold Capacity by 2000, and Wood, Stone, Iron, and Oil Capacity by 50.

  • It's best to construct this after Iron Foundry, although it may be done at any time.
  • To study Titans, you'll need two of these bad boys, since titan research costs 6000 gold.
  • More resources on hand means better last-minute wave preparations due to panicked placement of additional walls, towers, and other structures.

Market - Lowers the cost of food for homes in the tile range.

  • Each consecutive market increase base profit of selling resources by 40%
  • Only a maximum of 3 markets can be built
  • Requires the construction of 200 colonists.

Bank – Increases gold income from nearby houses.

  • You will need Stone houses for the maximum amount of gold made.
  • Requires 400 colonist to be built.



  • Spike Traps
  • Lookout Towers
  • Wood Cottages
  • Farms
  • Market
  • Stone Workshop
  • Snipers
  • Ballista

Stone Workshop

  • Stone Tower
  • Stone Wall
  • Bank
  • Power Plant
  • Stone House
  • Iron Foundry
  • Shocking Tower

Iron Foundry

  • Radar
  • Oil Platform
  • T2 Quarries
  • T2 Mills
  • T2 Farms
  • Executors
  • Mech Center
  • Titan


T1 Ranger

Costs: 120 Gold, 1 Worker, Upkeep 1

Stats: 6 Range, 10 Damage

Pros: It's the quickest and cheapest unit; it has enough range to cover and catch wanderers; it's the fastest and cheapest unit; it's the fastest and cheapest unit; it's the Can be used to clean for expansion when in big groups. Because it makes minimal noise, it attracts fewer people.

Cons: Low HP and a medium fire rate with medium damage. In my view, this is the greatest unit for the early game. Normally, I had 30 of these nasty ladies clearing the map without difficulty. I like how low-cost and low-maintenance it is.

T1 soldier

Costs: 220 Gold, 1 Worker, 1 Food, 2 Iron, Upkeep 3

Stats: 5 Range, 15 Damage

Pros: An early tank unit with a fast rate of fire and great firepower. When compared to other T1 units, it can easily hold the line. When playing in big groups, noise attraction may quickly empty the map. It seems to be a steampunk take on the space marines.

Cons: Without additional assistance, noise attraction in small groups is poor. A little sluggish.

In my view, they are more expensive than the ranger since they cost twice as much money, one meal, and three times as much maintenance. More food equals more cash. In map 4, zombies are much more aggressive, and troops making noise is a bad idea. Not to mention the economic impact of food shortage. To keep the line, it's still preferable to work in big groups.

T1 Sniper

Costs: 300 Gold, 1 Worker, 1 Food, 2 Wood, 2 Iron, Upkeep 5

Stats: 8 Range, 100 Damage

Pros: Can take out most opponents with a single shot, and is very helpful when micro ed. All soldiers have the greatest range.

Cons: It's sluggish as fuck. Fire at a Slow Rate. Methaholic.

In my view, the best usage is to eliminate zombie settlements and special zombies. I also went on a run with 150 of these meth addict jerks. It had been a fantastic run. Hordes would just disintegrate.

T2 Lucifer



Pros: Excellent for securing gaps. Damage is moderate, but there is a lot of directional splash. Armoured to a reasonable standard

Cons: Slow, and you can't strike from behind walls unless they're single-layer diagonal walls or a gatehouse. Weak against zombies that attack from a distance. Other units are burned in the process (except other Lucifers). Will happily suffocate you.

My opinion: Not bad, but you should focus on producing giants. Less titans and executors as a result of more resources spent on lucifers.

T2 Titan

Costs: 2000 Gold, 1 Worker, 40 Iron, 20 Oil, Upkeep 40

Stats: 9 Range, 20 Damage(Splash)

Pros: Long-range capability. Splash Damage, High Rate of Fire The best endgame unit currently available. He wears a top hat and is from the United Kingdom.

There are no drawbacks. Holy crap, batman, in my view. For maximum splash wipes, micro them where they are assaulting the center of the horde.


Spike/Blade Trap

Pros: Slow zombies down, does damage over time within the tile area

Cons: decays too fast

My opinion: I feel like walls are so much better for delaying the zombies especially at final waves. Spikes trap can get the job done but with the huge amount of zombies on the map they aren’t really that great unless placed between your outer defense and your middle/inner defense.

Wood/Stone Wall

Wood cost: 10 gold, 3 wood
Stone cost: 30 gold, 3 stone


  • Standard bearers between the zombies and your colony. Great for delaying the zombies and buying you time.
  • More effective in multiple layers.
  • Can be stacked 3 deep when diagonal while when placed vertically/horizontally can be stacked 2 deep.

Wood/Stone Tower

Wood cost: 120 gold, 10 wood


  • Troops stationed in these towers get extra range. Has a lot more hp than regular walls.
  • Wood towers can be used to close the small gaps in walls and act as a stone wall with 200 less hp.
  • Extremely effective in blocking 1 tile chokes.

Cons: Cost too much.


Cost: 500 gold, 20 wood, 2 workers, 2 energy
Stats: 8 Range,

Pros: does a shit ton of damage, small splash radius, extremely useful for holding the walls against wanderers, and waves. Medium range.

Cons: shit against late game waves, unless made in bulk

My opinion: These bad boys cost a lot early game so be careful on WHEN and WHERE to place them. The extra gold can be used to upgrading your economy or pumping out troops for early expansions.

Shocking Tower

shocking tower Pros: Wipes executives and under in 1 shot in a wide radius.

Cons: Cost too much damn energy. Has a short range. If more than 1 wall, then the tower will do less splash damage because of focusing the closest enemy. Dies to spitters easily.

My opinion: Would be a lot more useful if able to micro these towers for maximum effect.



Cost: 1200 gold, 20 stone, 20 wood, 20 iron, 4 workers, 10 energy

Pros: Giant ass gatling gun. Mediocre damage and splash. Medium range. End game turret.

Cons: Cannot be micro ed. High upkeep

My opinion: I literally spam this shit everywhere with at least 4-5 layers of wall between them and horde to counter the spitters. Turn these guys off if they’re not being used.

Gena Cooper | Gaming addict!


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