The Ultimate They Are Billions Guide By AznElite123

Note: This guide is originally posted here. The original authors are AznElite123/Ragnorak, Insanious you can support them by subscribing on Twitch and YouTube channel

What do I do to unlock the next map?

This strategy should be more towards new players to learn more about the game. The No Foundry strategy should be used more towards more experienced players.

Before the 1st Wave

1. Pause the game at the very start, and make sure to pause continuously especially when placing down building just so you can undo when you mess up.

2. Send your troops outwards in all 4 direction to explore, move slow paces at a time so your troop doesn’t wonder right into zombie lines.

3. Once you’re done exploring set your troops on patrol and try to OVERLAP your patrols just in case your rangers needs that extra support from other rangers.

4. Make sure your housing gets the best protection as well, when houses are infected, then GG.

5. At the very beginning, place down a hunter cottage or fishing hut, so you would have the extra food for the first iteration of gold income to spam tents.

6. Gold Iterations from the Command center is every 8 hours in game

7. Spot a comfortable area to lay your housing and make sure you have spaces in the middle for a market and a bank later on. Keep your housings together and not too spread apart. Try to keep from placing housing on green tiles! Farms can be built on those green tiles for more food.

8. Expand towards more food sources: Water, Wood/Green Tiles.

9. Set up a sawmill for wood income.

10. Place one or two wall of your outside economic buildings (Fisher, Hunter, or even Sawmill) that are towards the zombies. Zombies automatically attack anything between them and their goal and do not go around walls. So that 1 extra wall will alert you without the cost of losing a building.

11. If you are waiting on gold and have a shit ton of wood, start walling chokes/perimeters, or expand more.

12. Grab a quarry once you have the gold.

13. Always spend any present food for more tents. Only build mills to keep energy income in the positive.

14. Rush a Wood Workshop for upgrades. If you are doing 80 days research a ballista first. 100 days+ should rush a farm.

15. ONLY research a market when you are close to 200 colonists. If you are running out of space research wood cottage.

16. Once you have the stone, rush a soldier center and pump out rangers. Rangers will be used as extra guards or for pushing to expand. You don’t really need soldiers or snipers but that’s up to you (I skipped those guys and went straight to titans). Build 1 or 2 rangers at a time, extra gold could be used for building more shit.

17. Research ballista at least 3 days before first wave hits. DO NOT place down a ballista UNTIL the first wave hits, the extra resources should be used for upgrading your economy.

18. More Rangers

19. Your first perimeter should have 1 layer of walls for now. Double layer the direction of the first horde or you can just micro troops on the first horde (tiny horde doesn’t really need a ballista or walls if you’re good at managing troops)

20. I do not build wood towers or wood spikes at all. Wood towers are just great for blocking 1 tile chokes otherwise that 120 gold is better used on another ranger or economy. The wood spikes are fine to build but I prefer more walls to block the zombies advancement. The traps decay too quickly.

21. Your economy should look like 300-400 gold income by now.

Before Wave 2

1. Start expanding immediately, if you have a ballista tower up you can start clearing away zombies close to that ballista through luring. Have 1 ranger lure hordes of zombies towards the ballista.

2. Extra income of wood should be used to upgrade some tents to wood houses first before double layering.

3. Start spotting iron, stone, and possible food areas.

4. You can research the lookout tower to plan expansions and delete the towers after revealing the fog of war.

5. You can start building ballista per wall section up to 3 max for now until next wave to plan double ballistas.

6. You can start research stone workshop by now, makes sure to have a market at 200 colony, the extra food comes in handy!


8. You can start research a stone foundry if you have a shit ton of gold.

9. Your economy should look around 400+ gold by now.

Wave 3-5

1. Random Runner Hordes will start spawning so having a ballista at every section is now required to hold these hordes off. Pay attention to the map of where they hit the walls the most.

2. Stone Workshop should be built around this point and start researching stone walls. After stone walls are researched, start upgrading key perimeter (inside layer first!!).

3. Bank should be researched when you’re at 400 colonists.

4. Iron Foundry can be researched around wave 4-5+

5. When clearing zombies from the map with your rangers, follow through with tesla towers and expansion and have 1 ranger watching over those buildings. Claim any food, energy, iron, and stone as you go.

6. If stone houses have been researched, start using extra stone to upgrade the houses for more income.

7. Only build power plants if you have 20+ stone income

8. You can stop building rangers when you have a total of 30 which is good enough to start clearing corners. Make sure to micro them when you run into spitters and harpies.

9. Shock towers are up to player if you have plenty of energy. I don’t build these guys for final wave cause they die super easily to spitters.

10. Stone is extremely important after wave 2. Do not let your stone hit full capacity. Start getting stone walls or economy buildings that cost stones. Hell, building a warehouse works too!

After Iron Foundry is built

1. Research Executors and upgrade towers to executors on the next/current wave. You only need 1-2 for waves. These bad boys have high upkeep so you can turn off until walls are under attack/waves.

2. Start building warehouses in strategic points (Well, you could’ve done this earlier). You will need 2 of these to research titans. The warehouse gives a 20% production boost and can be extremely effective near farms in low food maps.

3. If space is limited, research farm upgrades. T2 farms can pay for themselves in terms of house economy.

4. T2 Mills requires a lot more upkeep for the small amount of energy produced. If you are expanding rapidly, having multiple t1 mills and power plants are good enough.

5. Rush for Titans if you can. You have to do it in this order… Research Mech Center -> Build Mech Center -> Research Titans (6000 gold).

6. Research and build an Oil platform before/after mech center research/built. You will only need 1 up to 2 oil producers. They will pay back their upkeep. If you are not building anymore titans or see a max amount of oil, turn off the oil platforms.

7. When building titans, your income should be around 1000+ by now. Buy extra resources to build titans if needed (aside from oils).

8. Once you have at least 6+ titans, start clearing the map and doom villages.

9. I don’t really care much for blade traps but you can definitely build them if you have plenty of iron resources. (better to use iron on more executors or titans).

20 Days before final wave

1. Good you made it this far! So now you want to start turtling. Use extra gold to buy Stone resources to start the walling procedure on outer perimeters.

2. HAVE AT LEAST 2-3 PERIMETERS (Outer, Middle, Inner). Leapfrog turrets and walls if you have to.

3. You will have to face against crap loads of spitters at the final wave. Make sure to have plenty of walls between the turret and them, and some traps if you want.

4. Wood walls, stone walls, build all of them. Close off the executors from behind anyways, extra time = more middle/inner defenses.

Final Wave

1. Sell all oil

2. Delete all farms (colonists won’t starve).

3. Delete buildings you don’t need.

4. Delete houses that are threatened to be infected.

5. Can’t delete shit cause infected too close? Destroy it with your mobile units.

6. Did you know economic buildings still give income even when infected?

7. More Executor towers and walls in direction of breached defenses.

8. Micro your Titans to take out spitters.

9. Keep walling shit off.

Here is a LINK of my playthrough on first map on 180%



Hunting Cottage – obtain food from green tiles AND wood tiles (basically if you have a combo of both you will get a large supply of food) and poor or no food from other tiles.

1. Make as many of these as possible next to trees.

2. Save the green tiles with no nearby trees for farms.

Fishing Hut – obtain food from any water source (even small ass cracks on the ground given that you are even able to put a fishing hut there at all). Spam this shit.

Farm – obtain food from green tiles within a range of 2 from the building gaining up to a maximum of 64 food and no food from anything else.

1. If building on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd map you want at least 30+ food from the farm to build. On the 4th map beggers can’t really be choose so 20+ is fine.

2. Upgrading a farm is absolutely fine if there is no space to expand since the food used to upgrade your housing district will pay for itself. Only problem will be the energy cost.

Sawmill – obtain wood within a range of 3 tiles from the building.

1. Extremely important to get early game after some tents built to start wood income for walls, tesla towers, Wood Workshop, and Quarry.

2. The sawmill will pay for itself if it provides an income of 4 wood.

Quarry – obtain iron or stone within a range of 2 tiles from the building.

1. Early Game you only need 1 and will keep the quarry off until a market is up.

2. The quarry will pay for itself if it provides an income of 3 stone or 1.5 iron.

3. Expanding towards both iron and stone will be extremely important after obtaining a stone workshop and anything towards late game.

4. Not really worth upgrading to T2 because of the huge amount of upkeep cost.

Oil Rig – obtain oil from a 2×2 oil source.

1. You will only need 1 oil rig but can make up to 2 oil rigs to spam Titans.

2. Oil produced from the oil rig will not make up for the upkeep. If you don’t need to build titans anymore then turn them off immediately.

Mill – Basic energy generator of +30 energy.

1. The more space you have the more you can place these down and not having to bother upgrading these to T2

2. T2 upkeep outweighs the benefit of extra energy.

Power plant – Burns stone and wood to get +120 energy.

1. Should place down mills first before resorting to power plants, otherwise have at least 20+ stone income.

2. Burning 5 stone costs 200 gold per iteration. One such statistic is every iteration = 1.66 stone walls that you cannot build for final wave. So basically 5 stone walls per day once the power plant is placed down.

Warehouse – Increase Gold Capacity by 2000; Wood, Stone, Iron, and oil by 50.

1. Recommended to build after Iron Foundry, but honestly can be built whenever.

2. Will need 2 of these bad boys to research Titans because titan research cost 6000 gold.

3. Extra resources stored = better last minute preparations for waves because of panic placing extra walls, towers, or such.

Wood Cottage
Stone House

Market – Reduces food upkeep of houses within the tile range.

1. Each consecutive market increase base profit of selling resources by 40%

2. Only a maximum of 3 markets can be built

3. Requires 200 colonist to be built.

Bank – Increases gold income from nearby houses.

1. You will need Stone houses for the maximum amount of gold made.

2. Requires 400 colonist to be built.



Wood Workshop

  • Spike Traps
  • Lookout Towers
  • Wood Cottages
  • Farms
  • Market
  • Stone Workshop
  • Snipers
  • Ballista

Stone Workshop

  • Stone Tower
  • Stone Wall
  • Bank
  • Power Plant
  • Stone House
  • Iron Foundry
  • Shocking Tower

Iron Foundry

  • Radar
  • Oil Platform
  • T2 Quarries
  • T2 Mills
  • T2 Farms
  • Executors
  • Mech Center
  • Titan


Ranger T1

Costs: 120 Gold, 1 Worker, Upkeep 1

Stats: 6 Range, 10 Damage

Pros: Fastest and cheapest unit; Enough Range to cover and take out wanderers; When in large groups, can take be used to clean for expansion. Makes little noise = less attraction.

Cons: Medium Fire Rate with Medium Damage with lowest HP. Assholes
My opinion: The best early game unit. I usually have 30 of these bad girls clearing away the map at ease. I love the extremely low cost and low upkeep.

Soldier T1

Costs: 220 Gold, 1 Worker, 1 Food, 2 Iron, Upkeep 3

Stats: 5 Range, 15 Damage

Pros: Early tank unit with high fire power and medium rate of fire. Can hold the line easily compared to other T1 units. When in large groups can easily clear the map with noise attraction. Looks like steampunk version of space marines.

Cons: Noise attraction in small groups is bad without further supports. A little Slow.
My opinion: Although extremely effective, they cost twice the gold, 1 food, and 3 times the upkeep compared to the ranger. More food = More money. In map 4, zombies are a lot more aggressive and having soldiers create noise is a horrible idea. Not to mention the scarcity of food areas for economy. Still works best in large groups to hold the line.

Sniper T1

Costs: 300 Gold, 1 Worker, 1 Food, 2 Wood, 2 Iron, Upkeep 5

Stats: 8 Range, 100 Damage

Pros: Can one shot most enemies, is extremely useful when micro ed. Highest range of all troops.

Cons: Slow as fuck. Slow Rate of Fire. Meth Addict.
My opinion: Best use is to take out zombie towns and zombie special. I also did a run where I had 150 of these meth addict pricks. It was a glorious run. Hordes would simply get melted.

Lucifer T2



Pros: Great for covering breaches. Medium damage with high directional splash. Decently armored

Cons: Pretty slow, cannot attack behind walls unless they are single layer diagonal walls or gatehouse. Weak against ranged zombies. Burns other units in the way (except other Lucifers). Will gladly burn you alive.
My opinion: Not too bad, but you rather just pump out titans. More resources spent on lucifers = less titans and executor.

Titan T2

Costs: 2000 Gold, 1 Worker, 40 Iron, 20 Oil, Upkeep 40

Stats: 9 Range, 20 Damage(Splash)

Pros: Long Range. Fast Rate of Fire, Splash Damage. Best current endgame unit. Has a top hat and is british.

Cons: There are no cons.

My opinion: Holy shit batman. Also micro them where they are attacking the middle of the horde for maximum splash wipes.


Spike/Blade Trap

Pros: Slow zombies down, does damage over time within the tile area

Cons: decays too fast

My opinion: I feel like walls are so much better for delaying the zombies especially at final waves. Spikes trap can get the job done but with the huge amount of zombies on the map they aren’t really that great unless placed between your outer defense and your middle/inner defense.

Wood/Stone Wall

Wood cost: 10 gold, 3 wood
Stone cost: 30 gold, 3 stone


  • Standard bearers between the zombies and your colony. Great for delaying the zombies and buying you time.
  • More effective in multiple layers.
  • Can be stacked 3 deep when diagonal while when placed vertically/horizontally can be stacked 2 deep.

Wood/Stone Tower

Wood cost: 120 gold, 10 wood


  • Troops stationed in these towers get extra range. Has a lot more hp than regular walls.
  • Wood towers can be used to close the small gaps in walls and act as a stone wall with 200 less hp.
  • Extremely effective in blocking 1 tile chokes.

Cons: Cost too much.


Cost: 500 gold, 20 wood, 2 workers, 2 energy
Stats: 8 Range,

Pros: does a shit ton of damage, small splash radius, extremely useful for holding the walls against wanderers, and waves. Medium range.

Cons: shit against late game waves, unless made in bulk

My opinion: These bad boys cost a lot early game so be careful on WHEN and WHERE to place them. The extra gold can be used to upgrading your economy or pumping out troops for early expansions.

Shocking Tower

shocking tower Pros: Wipes executives and under in 1 shot in a wide radius.

Cons: Cost too much damn energy. Has a short range. If more than 1 wall, then the tower will do less splash damage because of focusing the closest enemy. Dies to spitters easily.

My opinion: Would be a lot more useful if able to micro these towers for maximum effect.



Cost: 1200 gold, 20 stone, 20 wood, 20 iron, 4 workers, 10 energy

Pros: Giant ass gatling gun. Mediocre damage and splash. Medium range. End game turret.

Cons: Cannot be micro ed. High upkeep

My opinion: I literally spam this shit everywhere with at least 4-5 layers of wall between them and horde to counter the spitters. Turn these guys off if they’re not being used.

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