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Buildings Wiki Guide 2024


Buildings are essential in TaB. In fact, they are the primary defense in every colony and you will find yourself establishing a lot of structures throughout the game.

Stats Guide for Buildings in They Are Billions

This part of the guide is for the detailed stats of each structure that you can build in the game.

The Hit Points (Green Bar)

Each building have bars that is called HP bar, which is split into Defense (yellow) & Health (green) bars. This is the measurement of the life of each building. Obviously, if the health bar dropped to zero, the building is destroyed.

Note: The resources and benefits that the player (you) gained from the building will be lost after destruction.

Defense Life (Yellow Bar)

The yellow bar in the right side is called defense life. This act as the damage absorber and after taking several hits, the defense life will be reduced and if it reaches zero, all the workers/colonists inside the buildings will be infected.

Note: After killing the infected that spawned from the destroyed building, you can restore it by paying for a cost.

Watch Range

The size of the vision radius of the building.


  • All buildings will take a varying amount of resources to construct.
  • The resources (gold, wood, stone, iron, and oil) will be taken upfront and 50% of them will be returned if you choose to demolish them.
  • Power and workers will however be returned in full upon demolition.


  • The amount of resources the building will cost/remove from your storage every 8 hours.
  • All buildings, except the Colonist ones, will reduce your gold income.
  • Some Higher tier buildings, like the Power Plant, will also take other resources (Using the Power plant as an example it takes 5 wood and stone every 8 hours).

Energy Transfer Radius

All buildings in the game need to be built on a tile that has energy. The Energy Transfer Range refers to the area around the building that gains power from its placement.

This stat is unique to the Tesla Towers and the Command Center.

Type of Buildings


Cottage Stone House     

Hunter's Cottage             

Fisherman Cottage


Advanced Farm Quarry 

Advanced Quarry            


Oil Platform       

Tesla Tower       


Advanced Mill   

Power Plant


Wood Workshop             

Stone Workshop             




Soldier's Center

Engineering Center        

Lookout Tower 

Radar Tower

Great Ballista     


Shocking Tower

Wood Wall         

Stone Wall

Wood Gate        

Stone Gate        

Wood Tower     

Stone Tower     

Stakes Trap

Wire Fence Trap              

Command Center

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