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What is this?
Us n00bs need some help sometimes, and this game can definitely be frustrating when you make a small mistake. This is a Windows Service that will copy your save files to an autosave directory. That way if you lose you can recover an old save and continue playing.

Go to Github[] and choose “Clone or Download” then choose Download ZIP.

You need to place what’s in the release folder to a location and run the exe using the command below. For example I created a folder on my C drive called AutoSaver and placed all of the release files into there.

Open CMD and run:
C:\AutoSaver\AutoSaver.exe install -username “WindowsUsername” -password “WindowsPassword”

The service needs to run under your user account in order for it to automatically determine where your “They Are Billions” save files are located in Windows (Confirmed working in Windows 10).

If you have a different location for your save files then you will need to open the project and modify the code and rebuild. If you’ve done any programming this should be very easy for you. If you do this then you will also not need to provide your username and password when installing since you’ll be modifying the locations to be static.

The Windows Username and Password is to make it easier for those that don’t know programming. It’s only used within Windows to install the service. Anyone with any knowledge of programming can look at the code and confirm this.

Once installed you will need to open up Windows Services and start the “AutoSaver” service. I recommend you stop the service once you are finished playing. It doesn’t hurt to keep it running, but it would essentially just continue copying your save directory forever which would in turn mean you only have one copy to revert to.

When the service is running it will copy your saved games into a folder inside of the game directory (see Locations below) every 60 seconds. It will keep 60 saves and then start deleting the oldest autosave. This is due to the way the game works where it only saves every so often in game, or if you Save and Exit. The best usage is for you to periodically Save and Exit while playing in order to force the game to save and therefore the service can autosave it for you just in case.

If you lose the game and want to restore to a previous save just copy the contents of one of the Autosave folders into the Saves folder

Save files for They Are Billions is by default in your My Games folder in your Documents.
Example: C:\Users[username]\Documents\My Games\They Are Billions\Saves
Autosave folder is created on the first autosave attempt
Example: C:\Users[username]\Documents\My Games\They Are Billions\Autosave

You can get the source on GitHub. In the Readme you will find instructions on modifying it in case you have a different save location. It’s licensed with the MIT license so feel free to do just about anything you want with it. It’s really nothing special.

I do not plan on making any more changes or supporting this much. It was just a tool that I made for myself to help get past some of the early hurdles in learning the game and figured others might get use out of it as well.

If you need more information or assistance leave a comment and either myself or someone else should be able to help you.

Written by: SimDawg Millionaire

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