Mayor Tree Tier List

This tier list gives you an idea on how Mayor Tree works. The table below shows the bonuses given on each tier and ratings of a mayor.

Mayor LevelRatingBonuses Given     General Comments
Tier 12/10Gain +4 Energy Building range and Watch Range from Command CenterMostly Useless: By the time you get your first mayor, a couple of extra tiles to build around your CC is useless.
Tier 17/10All Sawmills give +2 woodMostly Useful: More wood this early in the game will add up over the rest of the game. Will give you 6 wood per ingame day, or an additional 480 wood per sawmill over the course of an 80 day game.
Tier 15/10All (Wood?) Walls gain 20% additional HPSituationally Useful: If you don't have a better option, it's fine. Wood walls are useless in the endgame, and +20% HP isn't much, but you could do a lot worse.
Tier 18/10All Fisherman Cottages give +3 foodVery Useful: More food means more houses means more workers. Cottages are cheap and efficient, this makes them better.
Tier 18/10All Hunter Cottages give +3 foodVery Useful: More food means more houses means more workers. Cottages are cheap and efficient, this makes them better.
Tier 19/10All Basic Farms give +20% more food.Extremely Useful: Farms already give mountains of food, and aren't ultra inefficient like Adv. Farms, so this is a fantastic choice that will last you to the endgame.
Tier 18/10Early Research: SniperVery Useful: Early snipers! Skip building the Wood Workshop, the cost, and the research time, and you can build Snipers as soon as you get resources and a Soldier's Center up and running.
Tier 15/10Early Research: MarketSituationally Useful: Markets are good, but this only saves you the research time to build a single building early on. In this case, it would be better to get a free Market than to get the research.
Tier 15/10Early Research: CottageSituationally Useful: Better options exist, but this combos well with boosts to gold and income from later mayor bonuses.
Tier 18/10Early Research: FarmExtremely Useful: This will let you nab food rapidly, though on some maps, especially the snow map, it's not quite as good.
Tier 18/10Early Research: Great BallistaExtremely Useful: It lets you build defenses early! What more do you want? Well, Sniper research is probably better in the earlygame, but I digress.
Tier 15/10Early Research: Lookout towerSituationally Useful: Sometimes getting this research, especially on higher difficulties, means you can scout sections of the map you can't get to yet. Better options exist, however.
Tier 14/10Early Research: Wooden Stakes trapsVery Situationally Useful: There are much better options, but being able to build DoT traps early on can be helpful.
Tier 11/10Gain +20 Gold IncomeExtremely Useless: What is this, a single tent's income? Two? Hard pass.
Tier 14/10Gain +20 EnergySituationally Useful: This is basically a free mill, though you don't get as much energy, but it doesn't cost you any upkeep or 2x2 tiles of building space, nor does it block future mills.
Tier 14/10Gain +12 WorkersSituationally Useful: Sometimes more workers is helpful. This is basically three Tents minus the gold income bonus, so make of that what you will. Not amazing though.
Tier 13/10Gain +20 FoodSituationally Useful: Lets you construct tents and build more units faster, but the bonus this confers is extremely short term.
Tier 13/10Gain +600 gold and +10 woodMostly Useless: Gold and resources are fine, but even in the earlygame you're only going to get one or two buildings out of 600 gold. Better options exist.
Tier 14/10Gain +1000 goldMostly Useless: Gold and resources are fine, but even in the earlygame you're only going to get a few buildings out of 1000 gold. Better options exist.
Tier 11/10Gain +30 WoodExtremely Useless: If you need 30 wood, you're probably playing on a later map, or you have bigger issues. This isn't boosted permanent income, it's a one time bonus.
Tier 12/10Gain +20 stoneExtremely Useless: Same situation as the above. In fringe situations you might need this. It won't last you long and has no long term bonuses.
Tier 11/10Gain +10 IronExtremely Useless: Build 5 snipers or soldiers early... and this is done. Getting a permanent +2 iron production would be far better.
Tier 11/10Gain 1 free Mill.Extremely Useless: One mill is cheap. This is basically getting a free 400 gold, but it still costs worker upkeep and etc. Pass.
Tier 14/10Gain 2 free RangersSituationally useful: Sometimes you have a lot of chokepoints to fend off. More battle units can be useful in those cases. Time and money wise, this is a very short term benefit.
Tier 14/10Gain 1 free SoldierSituationally useful: Sometimes you have a lot of chokepoints to fend off. More battle units can be useful in those cases. Time and money wise, this is a very short term benefit.
Tier 15/10Gain 1 free SniperSituationally useful: Sometimes you have a lot of chokepoints to fend off. More battle units can be useful in those cases. Time and money wise, this is a very short term benefit.
Tier 10/10Gain 10 free Wood Walls and 1 GateUseless: Why is this a mayor bonus? If more walls were included and more gates, this could be a handy time saver, but this is barely enough to hold off one chokepoint. Just... no.
Tier 1-1/10Gain 2 free Wood TowersUseless: This is genuinely just bad. Every other option is a better choice.
Tier 1-5/10Gain 1 free Tesla TowerBeyond Useless: I take it back, this is the worst thing ever. If we were given, say, 5 or more, this would be situationally useful. But one? This must be a practical joke.
Mayor LevelRatingBonuses GivenGeneral Comments
Tier 27/10Soldiers cost -20% Gold to Build (And Upkeep?)Generally Useful: Cheaper soldiers are always awesome, but this only lessens the Gold cost, not anything else. Soldiers are also not quite as useful to the endgame as Snipers.
Tier 28/10Snipers cost -20% Gold to Build (And Upkeep?)Extremely Useful: Same as above, except Snipers are great through the whole game.
Tier 29/10Deconstructing buildings gives back 75% of the resources instead of 50%.Extremely Useful: Everyone makes mistakes. Now bulldozing buildings gives you more resources back, so you can make a few more mistakes and not be punished so badly for it!
Tier 28/10Basic Mills give +20% EnergyExtremely Useful: Energy is a pricey commodity, and this gives you more of it through the whole game. RIP Advanced Mills.
Tier 27/10Unit building time -10%Generally Useful: 10% isn't a lot of building time to save, but over the course of a whole game, you'll crank out significantly more units thanks to this.
Tier 27/10Wood/Iron/Stone/Oil Storage capacity increased +50 (Not gold)Generally Useful: It's a free Warehouse, without the gold cap bonus or the 20% production buff, but it also doesn't eat up your building space, nor does it cost workers or upkeep. Great overall.
Tier 24/10Shocking Tower researchMostly Useless: Shocker Towers are very underpowered, but gives some buffs, this could be ok in future patches.
Tier 2-1/10Gain +40 Gold IncomeExtremely Useless: I can't tell if this is a joke. This would be a 2/10 in the First tier.
Tier 27/10Gain +3000 GoldSituationally Useful: 3000 Gold is good at any stage of the game, but you're getting this way before the midgame! I hope your storage has enough room!
Tier 21/10Gain +120 WoodExtremely Useless: Assuming you have two Warehouses built already to handle this much wood, the benefits will be very short-term at best.
Tier 22/10Gain +80 stoneBasically Useless: Stone might be useful for erecting some Stone Walls, but otherwise... this is useless.
Tier 22/10Gain +40 IronBasically Useless: Why would you need 40 Iron over anything else? This is barely useful in the fringiest of fringe cases.
Tier 24/10Gain 3 free soldiersSituationally Useful: Having a small burst of battle units can be okay, depending on the needs. This is a fairly short-term bonus though.
Tier 24/10Gain 2 free SnipersSituationally Useful: Having a small burst of battle units can be okay, depending on the needs. This is a fairly short-term bonus though.
Tier 23/10Gain 1 free ThanatosSituationally Useful: Having a small burst of battle units can be okay, depending on the needs. This is a fairly short-term bonus though. If you aren't producing oil, you won't be able to use this.
Tier 22/10Gain 1 free LuciferMostly Useless: Lucifers are pretty garbage, currently. Even if they were good, they only cost 600 gold. You'd be better off taking the 3k gold boost over a single Lucifer.
Tier 21/10Gain 1 free Shocking TowerExtremely Useless: A single Shocking Tower? It costs 30 energy upkeep, so this is more of a colony detriment than a bonus.
Tier 25/10Gain 2 Free Great BallistasSituationally Useful: It can be helpful getting two of these, but keep in mind together they only cost 1k gold normally and these have upkeep. The 3k Gold bonus is much more valuable in that context.
Tier 22/10Gain 1 free Advanced MillMostly Useless: Still costs the upkeep. If you're desperate for energy, this might be useful, but it's going to cost you.
Tier 22/10Gain 2 free Lookout towersMostly Useless: Being able to see a huge swath around two edges of your base might be okay... but otherwise these are useless.
Tier 2-1/10Gain 2 free Stone TowersCompletely Useless: Just... no.
Mayor LevelRatingBonuses GivenGeneral Comments
Tier 39/10Thanatos cost -20% Gold to Build (And Upkeep?)Extremely Useful: Even if Thanatos get nerfed, any Mayor upgrade that makes your most expensive units 20% cheaper is going to save you a TON of gold. Every 5th Thanatos is free, goldwise, with this.
Tier 310/10Building time reduced by 20% on all buildingsGodlike: Your walls, buildings, turrets, all build 20% faster, which means you expand 20% faster. You should basically always take this, unless you need one of the other high-tier options.
Tier 38/10Wood/Iron/Stone/Oil Storage capacity increased +100 (Not gold)Extremely Useful: Even better than the Tier 2 version, this is like building two free warehouses. No production bonus or Gold cap boost, but also no upkeep costs or tile waste!
Tier 37/10Cottages give +1 WorkersExtremely Useful: More workers means more buildings and units, but this ONLY applies to the mid-tier houses, not the first or third tiers. It's also only +1 per house, so it doesn't scale much.
Tier 36/10Early Research: Radar TowerSituationally Useful: If you skipped the Lookout Towers, this is actually kinda useful for keeping an eye on your borders, saving you research money and time.
Tier 33/10Early Research: Advanced MillMostly Useless: Advanced Mills are very, very inefficient. You're much better off using power plants or basic Mills, especially if you got the Mill +20% energy bonus from the T2 mayor.
Tier 36/10Early Research: ExecutorsSituationally Useful: Not the greatest thing you can get, and the research will only save you 2k gold, but if you want to rush Executors, this is potentially a money and time-saver.
Tier 31/10Gain +80 Gold IncomeExtremely Useless: I like gold as much as the next guy... but this would only be a 3/10 if you got it at Tier 1. At Tier 3, it's unacceptable.
Tier 32/10Gain +150 stoneExtremely Useless: Sure you can quickly erect a bunch of Stone Walls, but that's all stone is useful for in the endgame.
Tier 32/10Gain +80 ironExtremely Useless: I guess you can build more Titans and Thanatos with this, but that's if your reserves aren't high enough that you'll waste half the stone in this bonus.
Tier 33/10Gain +30 oilMostly Useless: Oil does sell for a bit, and maybe this will help you build a Titan or Two quicker... but why not just take the 6 free Lucifers or something?
Tier 34/10Gain 6 free LucifersSituationally Useful: They're saving you 3600 gold, so it's not like cost-wise you aren't getting bang for your buck, but unless you have a use for Lucifers, there's no reason to use these.
Tier 33/10Gain 2 free Advanced MillsMostly Useless: Again, Advanced Mills are really inefficient, but at least these don't cost you gold. The upkeep is still ridiculous though, so generally you should pass.
Tier 32/10Gain 1 free Radar TowerMostly Useless: Just one? Why not give us two or three, devs? Just not worth the cost savings unless you've got nothing better.
Tier 32/10Gain 1 free Oil PlatformMostly Useless: Might be OK if you need a platform RIGHT now, but still has upkeep, so, yeah.
Tier 31/10Gain 2 free Shocking towersExtremely Useless: Just no.
Tier 30/10Gain 30 free Blade TrapsKill me.
Mayor LevelRatingBonuses GivenGeneral Comments
Tier 410/10Titans cost -20% Gold to Build (And Upkeep?)Beyond Amazing: Your most expensive unit becomes cheaper. Every fifth Titan is free, gold-wise. Amazing choice.
Tier 48/10Gain +10% gold for every Stone HouseSituationally Useful: More money for the Tier 3 houses. Select this and suddenly your economy will skyrocket. It's a tough choice between this and the Titan, unless you avoided T3 housing.
Tier 48/10Gain +20% Energy from Power PlantsExtremely Useful: If you're using Power Plants, you go from 160 Energy per plant to 192. That's like building an extra Mill for free for every Power Plant! Useless if you aren't using them though.
Tier 46/10Gain +2 workers for every Stone HouseSituationally Useful: If you have a ton of Tier 3 houses, now you have craptons of workers. However, the need for workers at this phase of the game is debateable. Gold is usually the limiter.
Tier 47/1020% food from advanced farms (seems bugged, doesnt give any food)Once this is fixed, I still wouldn't choose it since advanced farms are inefficient and I don't use them, BUT on maps with low food where you have to use advanced farms, this makes them better!
Tier 44/10All buildings gain 20% additional HP (Excluding walls)Situationally Useful: Makes your towers stronger. That's about all the use you'll get out of this, so your executors will have 1400 effective HP instead of 1000.
Tier 47/10All (Stone?) Walls gain 20% additional HPVery Useful: Your walls become more... WALLY. From 1000 to 1200 HP per segment!
Tier 40/10Gain +120 Gold IncomeThis must be a running joke the devs were laughing about. Nobody would voluntarily pick this unless presented with another of the terrible options.
Tier 44/10Gain +20% oil productionSituationally Useful: Having more oil is great thanks to the rebalances, but may not be as good as the other options depending on your map.
Tier 42/10Gain +200 ironCome on, really?
Tier 42/10Gain 3 free LucifersUseless: Why do we get FEWER than the amount from Tier 3?
Tier 45/10Gain 3 free ThanatosFairly Useful: Thanatos are great, and having three more is a good thing.
Tier 45/10Gain 2 free ExecutorsFairly Useful: This saves you about 4k gold on building them, I believe.
Tier 42/10Gain 3 free Shocking TowersMostly Useless: If you were EVER going to invest in Shocker Towers, this is the mayor bonus to pick.
Tier 41/10Gain 2 free Radar towersExtremely Useless: You're getting these in the endgame. Why isn't your map cleared already?
Tier 40/10Gain 40 free Blade TrapsMaybe if I were given like, 200 of these... Then they'd be good.

Written by Klokinator original sheet.

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